​Take Action​ - STATE

As state legislation has increasingly impacted the practice of medicine, ASPS has assumed the role of plastic surgery's voice in state capitols across the country. Unlike the federal government, state governments get things done. Also, many issues that are left to states to decide can directly affect you and your patients. 



Oregon - Protect Physician Reimbursement​

Illinois - Prevent the State from Unfairly Penalizing Physicians 

New Jersey - Protect Board-Certification

Florida - Stop Nurses from Practicing Independently

Iowa – Urge the House to Stop Optometrists from Performing Surgery

Arkansas - Urge the Governor to Stop Optometrists from Performing Surgery in the Ocular Region

California - Oppose a Ban on Deferred Interest Financing

California - Protect Patients' Payment Options

Connecticut - Mandate Esthetician Licensure

Florida - Protect patients from reckless surgical practices

Georgia - Protect your patients from Surprise Billing

Georgia – OON: Your Legislators Need to Hear from You

Georgia – Pass positive out-of-network reforms

Georgia – Stop short sighted out-of-network band-aids

New Jersey - Last chance to stop the Ban on Balance Billing

Massachusetts: Stop a ban on balance billing!

Massachusetts – Stop Assaults on the Practice of Medicine

Michigan: Stop unfair out-of-network reimbursement!

Minnesota: Stop a Universal Health Care System!

Oklahoma - Stop Nurse Independent Practice

Utah - Stop the Cosmetic Procedure Tax proposal

Utah - Oppose a Cosmetic Procedures Tax

Vermont - Stop Optometrists from Performing Surgery in the Ocular Region

Washington - Stop the universal health care proposal before it's too late!

Washington - Stop out of network legislation that favors insurance carriers