​​​​​​​​​​​​​Medical Innovation

It’s time to update the way that medical care is discovered, developed and delivered in the United States. While the pace of American medical innovation is brisk, it is still falling short of its true potential because of a sclerotic regulatory framework. ​ASPS believes in a modernized approach to medical innovation. This involves a true place in the regulatory process for the perspectives of patients, streamlined clinical trials, serious investments in advancing research, expanded Medicare beneficiary access to FDA-approved medical devices and steering the development of new drugs and devices toward unmet medical needs. There are two legislative proposals that will bring us closer to the medical innovation environment our patients deserve:​


21st​ Century Cures Act

​ASPS supported this far reaching, bi-partisan legislation aimed at improving the pace and progress of medical innovation in the United States that became law in December 2016.

Accelerating Innovation in Medicine Act

Many people think that medical tourism is driven by price, when it is actually often driven by access. The process of getting a cutting-edge medical device from FDA approval to coverage under Medicare is a daunting maze of red tape. This bill would allow such devices to be made available to Medicare beneficiaries who wish to self-pay for them.​